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Jim Doran Hand Controls - Leading the way in mobility driving aids

Helping to improve your future independence, by keeping you in the driving seat - Jim Doran Hand Controls have been designing, manufacturing and adapting vehicle conversions for the disabled since 1962, developing in size, skills and experience to encompass the most complex adaptations and accommodate the demand for its specialist and comprehensive mobility activities, throughout the UK. Today its reputation is unsurpassed in the field of driving aid provision, offering a specialised and personal service based on many years of unique knowledge and experience and that of its highly skilled team.

Vehicle modifications are designed and carried out to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability and suit individual customer's requirements, taking into consideration their strength, stature and fatigue factors, including special modifications to compensate for weakness and lack of dexterity in all four limbs enabling them to continue driving safely, for as long as possible. Installations are made to be as unobtrusive as possible and may be by-passed to enable an able-bodied person to drive the adapted vehicle.

Well over 1000 vehicles pass through our doors each year.

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